CSR overview

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of Danajamin’s culture; we believe that our company’s growth must be balanced by efforts to improve our local community.

We are committed to bring changes to our local community, specifically young children. Hence, one of our main focus is improving access to education as we believe that every child deserves quality education and the opportunity to change his/her life.

To formulate our CSR policy in a disciplined approach, the Danajamin CSR Council was set up in 2012. Made up of staff members and guided by the Chief Executive Officer, the CSR Council is responsible for spearheading, formulating and executing Danajamin’s CSR policy and programmes. The establishment of the CSR Council ensures that the CSR programmes implemented are strategic, sustainable and in line with the corporate culture. It also gives our staff empowerment and the opportunity to determine the direction of a pertinent company policy.


Our past and current featured projects: