How to submit

Danajamin PRIHATIN Guarantee Scheme application?

  1. Eligible Companies should approach your preferred EFI to obtain the relevant financing.
  2. If your EFI approves to proceed with your application, your EFI will then submit a DPGS proposal application to SJPP and Danajamin.
  3. The EFI should then submit the DPGS proposal application together with all supporting documents as per the DPGS Master Agreement to both email addresses below:
  4. When submitting your DPGS proposal application to SJPP and Danajamin, the EFI should ensure a full and complete deck is submitted for each eligible company, which includes:
  1. Duly completed Guarantee Notification Request* on the Financial Institution’ Letterhead signed by the Bank’s Designated Personnel.
  1. Relevant financing evaluation papers as approved and endorsed by the relevant approving authority of the Bank.
  1. Approved principal terms and conditions of the Financing Facility proposed to be granted by the Bank to the Customer (PTC).
  1. Completed checklist submission which includes:
    • The signed submission Checklist form* (to view check list click here)
    • The EFI’s Full Credit Proposal Paper
    • The EFI’s Credit Risk comments
    • The EFI’s Final Approval Terms
    • The EFI’s approved terms and conditions for the eligible company.

    Important Note: The above is not an exhaustive list and Danajamin reserves the right to request for additional information and documents. Evaluation of the application will not commence until Danajamin is satisfied with the completeness of the information provided.
  1. Letter of Consent to Disclosure of Information* – This document is to be signed on Original Eligible Company's Letterhead (EFIs are required to obtain eligible company's sign off on this document prior to submission of DPGS proposal).
  1. A list of the authorised Bank’s Designated Personnel* (max. of 5 personnel) who will be signing all documents from the EFI.

Note: (*) These refer to documentation in the Master Agreement.

What is

Danajamin PRIHATIN
Guarantee Scheme

What to do

after your application
is approved.