Our Operations During the Movement Control Order. 

What to do

after your​ application is approved

Acceptance of Approval Letter
  1. Within 14 days business days from the date of the Approval Letter issued by Danajamin, the EFI should accept the Approval Letter and return the accepted Approval Letter to Danajamin.

    Note: If the Approval Letter is not accepted and returned within this time the Approval shall lapse and be revoked.

  2. Once the EFI has accepted the Approval Letter, the EFI must send both the Hard Copy and the Scanned Soft Copy as follows:
    • Hard Copy: The accepted Approval Letter to Danajamin should be addressed to Head, Credit Administration.
    • Scanned Soft Copy: The soft copy of the accepted Approval Letter can be concurrently emailed to: djadmin_dpgs@danajamin.com.

    Note: After the EFI has accepted the Danajamin’s Approval Letter, the EFI is expected to then issue the EFI’s Letter of Offer to the Eligible Customer in respect of the Approved Financing Facility.
Before the Approved Financing Facility is made available to Eligible Customer
  1. At least twelve (12) business Days before the Approved Financing Facility is made available to the Customer, the EFI must submit the complete set of all the following documents to Danajamin:
    • EFI’s confirmation to Danajamin (to be submitted in hardcopy addressed to Head, Credit Administration); and
    • Scanned softcopies of all executed, stamped and where applicable, registered copies of all financing documents entered into in relation to the Approved Financing Facility including;
      • Accepted Bank’s Letter of Offer* and the Financing Documents* as required under the Bank’s Letter of Offer,
      • Copy of confirmation letter from the Bank’s solicitors* that all conditions precedent has been fulfilled,
      • Copy of legal opinion* from the Bank’s solicitors confirming the legality, validity and enforceability of the Financing Documents*.
    • The secure soft copies should be emailed to: djadmin_dpgs@danajamin.com.

    Note: The EFI must ensure the conditions precedent under the Approved Financing Facility have been fully complied with (and not waived) before submitting this confirmation. All the scanned copies must be clear and legible.
  1. The EFI should make the following payments:
Notice of Utilisation
  1. No later than six (6) business Days before the Approved Financing Facility is made available to the Eligible Customer, the EFI must send the Form of Notice of Utilisation both in Hard Copy and a Scanned Soft Copy as follows:

    Note: The scanned soft copies must be clear and legible.
Guarantee Certificate
  1. No later than three (3) Business Days before the Approved Financing Facility is made available to the Eligible Customer, SJPP will issue a Guarantee Certificate to the EFI.

    Note: SJPP will only issue the Guarantee Certificate once Danajamin is satisfied that all the Minimum Guarantee Scheme Conditions and all other conditions in the accepted Approval Letter have been fully complied. The Guarantee will only take effect on the Guarantee Commencement Date stated in the Guarantee Certificate.
Note: (*) These refer to documentation in the Master Agreement.
Important Notice: In the event the conditions precedent under an Approved Financing Facility are not fully complied with and/or any of the documents referred to therein are not received by Danajamin and SJPP respectively and/or the Guarantee Fee is not paid to SJPP within three (3) months from the date of the Bank’s Letter of Offer (or such other period as may be extended by Danajamin), Danajamin reserves the right to terminate its Approval Letter whereupon the Approval Letter shall cease to have any effect and such Financing Facility shall cease to be an Approved Financing Facility for purposes of this Agreement and the Guarantee Scheme.

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