Our Operations During the Movement Control Order. 

Code of Conduct

The Code explains Danajamin’s values and expected standards of conduct. The Code aims to preserve and enhance the reputation, integrity and impartiality of Danajamin for continued trust and confidence by the stakeholders and it applies to the directors and employees of Danajamin as well as suppliers, contractors, vendors, consultants or other third parties engaged by Danajamin.

The foundation and values of the Code are built on the core principles of Integrity, Professionalism, Care and Responsibility. Employees must at all times project and uphold highest standards of integrity and professionalism in all business dealings and demonstrate care and responsibility in transacting with all internal and external parties.

As a company, Danajamin strives to create and maintain a positive and safe working environment and avoid potential or perceived conflicts of interest. Danajamin takes compliance and risk management responsibilities and activities seriously and is committed to comply with all applicable regulations and laws. For more details, please refer to our Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy Statement and Supplier Code of Conduct.

Danajamin expects all employees and third parties engaged to be vigilant about any wrongdoings, malpractices or improprieties in the company and to report to Danajamin promptly, for immediate action.  Anyone who has such knowledge is encouraged to report to whistleblowing@danajamin.com. For more details, please refer to the Whistleblower Policy & Procedure.
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