Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code is intended to set out the basic principles and expectations of Danajamin to contractors, vendors, consultants or other third parties engaged by Danajamin (“Suppliers”), on what Danajamin believes, will ensure a sustainable business relationship.

As business partners, Suppliers have a duty to demonstrate the highest standards of business conduct, integrity and adherence to the law as per the following principles.

  1. Ethical Business Practises
  2. Bribery and Anti-Corruption
    Suppliers are expected not to offer, promise, authorise or give any bribes, inducements or other equivalent corrupt actions and should not negatively influence or pressure employees through the latters’ demands.

    No-Gift Policy
    Suppliers are not permitted to offer or give, solicit or accept any gifts regardless of the amount or value. Gifts include cash, cash equivalents (e.g. shopping vouchers) or goods (e.g. festive gifts) or services.

    Conflicts of Interest
    Suppliers should recognise and avoid conflicts of interest and must:

    • Never put themselves in a position in which personal interests, financial or otherwise, might influence or give the appearance of influencing any action taken, judgment made or advice given on behalf of Danajamin; and
    • Ensure that Danajamin’s interests are always given priority when assessing the appropriateness of undertaking a transaction on Danajamin’s behalf.
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Suppliers are refrained from divulging or utilizing any confidential and privileged information, obtained directly or indirectly from Danajamin and such data should be treated “strictly private and confidential” in guidance with the Non-Disclosure Agreement (if any). Precautions should be taken before the information is shared with anyone.

  5. Compliance of all laws and regulations including Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing
  6. Suppliers are expected to not knowingly engage or attempt to engage in any transaction involving proceeds derived from any unlawful activity and not have dealings with individuals and companies who are subject to international economic sanctions and are expected to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Reporting Unethical Behaviour

Danajamin expects suppliers to be vigilant about any wrongdoings or irregularities noted and to report to Danajamin at For more details, please refer to the Whistleblower Policy & Procedure.