Our Operations During the Movement Control Order.

Whistleblower Policy & Procedure

Anyone who has knowledge or is aware of any improper conduct (misconduct or criminal offence) committed or about to be committed, within Danajamin, is encouraged to report, without retribution and at the earliest opportunity. This applies to employees, directors, clients, potential clients, business partners, contractors, vendors, consultants and suppliers.

Concerns to be raised may include misconducts on:
  • Financial reporting;
  • Fraud;
  • Corruption, bribery or blackmail;
  • Criminal offences;
  • Failure to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation;
  • Miscarriage of justice;
  • Endangerment of an individual’s health and safety;
  • Abuse of authority; and
  • Concealment or abetment of any of the above.
Concerns can be reported under strict confidence via email to whistleblowing@danajamin.com. The concerns reported should include the following details:
  • Name of the individual raising the Concern*
  • Contact particulars (i.e. contact number and residential address)*
  • Details of the Concern (including nature, parties involved, time, date, and location of the incident)
  • Names of possible witnesses to the incident (if any) and
  • Supporting evidence (if any).
Note*: These are important as investigations may not be able to commence or it may be impeded if Danajamin is unable to seek clarification or further information from the Whistleblower.
Danajamin takes Whistleblower protection seriously and shall consider multiple avenues within its ability, to provide protection or safety to the Whistleblower. The Whistleblower will also be kept informed on the general status of the concerns raised per the Whistleblower Policy & Procedure. 

While Danajamin encourages individuals to raise concerns via the Whistleblower Policy & Procedure, nonetheless, individuals can also report their concerns directly to regulators or law enforcement agencies (e.g. Bank Negara Malaysia, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, the Royal Malaysia Police, Labour Department etc) under the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010.
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