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Our education programmes aim to increase access to education while supporting Malaysia's Education Blueprint 2013-2025. Danajamin100, our young leadership program, is a partnership with the PINTAR Foundation that focuses on improving secondary school students.

A holistic 3-year Danajamin100 programme maximises Form 4 students’ leadership abilities through various well-designed activities and training modules. These activities and modules allow students with practical experience and opportunities to not only discover their strengths and passions but to sharpen their critical thinking skills and leadership prowess in the hope of cultivating principled and broad-minded students who can be strong leaders in their chosen fields in the future.
Shortlisted Form 4 students from PINTAR schools are inducted into the Danajamin100 programme, and the selected students will attend the following camps as part of the programme:

OBS Camp

Held at the Outward Bound School in Lumut, Perak, it is designed to test their physical and mental capacity and hone their teamwork skills.

Smart Learning Camp

Students are equipped with studying tips and techniques that would help them in their upcoming SPM examinations.

Study Excellence Camp

Top teachers from various schools are brought together to provide the students with unique insights into studying core SPM subjects.

Leadership Camp

Designed to prepare students for higher learning and equip them with financial literacy, civic education, soft skills in communication, and time management through fun-filled activities related to leadership. The students are also given a chance to meet and listen to accomplished leaders from the corporate world as these individuals share their life journeys. Students are also challenged with a community-based project to showcase their teamwork and leadership capability.

Career Camp

Held at the Outward Bound School in Lumut, Perak, it is designed to test their physical and mental capacity and hone their teamwork skills.


Our past and current featured projects:
28 October 2018

Danajamin100 Batch 5 Selection Camp

9 April 2018

Danajamin100 Batch 3 Graduation Ceremony

20 February 2017

Danajamin100 Batch 2 Career Camp

10 December 2016

Danajamin100 Batch 2 Leadership Camp

20 October 2016

Danajamin100 Batch 3 OBS Camp

20 September 2016

Danajamin100 Batch 3 Selection Camp

21 May 2016

Danajamin100 Batch 2 Study Excellence Camp

10 April 2016

Danajamin100 Batch 1 Graduation Ceremony

20 March 2016

Danajamin100 Batch 2 Smart Learning Camp

20 October 2015

Danajamin100 Batch 2 Orientation

9 September 2015

Danajamin100 Batch 2 Selection Camp

30 May 2015

Danajamin100 Batch 1 Study Excellence Camp

17 March 2015

Danajamin100 Batch 1 Smart Learning Camp

24 November 2014

Danajamin100 Leadership Enrichment Programme

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