About Danajamin

Who owns Danajamin?

Danajamin is jointly owned by Minister of Finance Incorporated (50%) and Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad (50%). Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad is majority-owned by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Is Danajamin credit rated?

Yes, we are rated by both Malaysian rating agencies, RAM Rating Services Berhad and Malaysian Rating Corporation Berhad, and have been accorded the highest credit rating “AAA”.

Does Danajamin publish its financial statements and provide updates on its business operations?

Yes, we publish our financial statements and provide periodic updates of our business operations on the website.

To download a copy of the latest full year and interim financial statements, please go to the Financials Results page.

Does Danajamin publish the information of bonds/sukuk guaranteed and the names of the issuers?

Yes, we publish salient information of the bonds/sukuk guaranteed by Danajamin including, amongst others, the name of the issuers, tenures and maturities on our website. To view this information, please go to the Clients/Issuances page.

How does Danajamin ensure that the public funds provided for the Company’s operations are properly utilized?

Danajamin’s modus operandi and our use of public money require us to exercise a high level of responsibility, accountability and transparency. We are regulated by BNM and subjected to regulations under Financial Services Act 2013.

The Board and Management of Danajamin recognize the need to conduct the Company with integrity and hence have put in place a strong corporate governance framework. To begin with, Danajamin has a strong and an experienced Board. The Board consists of 9 members ie 6 independent non-executive directors, 1 executive director (CEO), and a non-executive representative each from our shareholders. The Board is qualified and experienced and a majority is from the private sector in relevant areas e.g. banking and financial industry. Together they bring depth and diversity in expertise and perspective to the leadership of Danajamin and allow for an independent and objective analysis of major issues. The Board is responsible for the policies and general affairs of Danajamin.

All applications for Danajamin’s Financial Guarantee, regardless of quantum, is subject to a two-step approval process via the Management Underwriting Committee and Board Underwriting Committee.

As a Government-owned company funded with public money, we are mindful of our responsibility and need to be accountable towards our shareholders and ultimately, the taxpayers of Malaysia. Danajamin is committed to continue running its operations in a transparent and professional manner with proper checks and balances in place.

Is Danajamin a finite-life agency?

Danajamin is not a finite life agency and is intended to be a going concern.

This is in consistent with Danajamin’s role as a catalyst to stimulate and further develop the Malaysian Capital Markets which is a longer term objective.