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Who can apply for Danajamin’s Financial Guarantee?

All Malaysian-incorporated companies wishing to issue bonds/sukuk may apply to Danajamin.

Issuances eligible for a Danajamin Financial Guarantee must be issued by a Malaysian-incorporated company and denominated in Malaysian Ringgit.

For more information, please contact our Client Coverage Division.

To apply for the Financial Guarantee, what are the information/documents required by Danajamin?

Information/documents are required to assist us in understanding the underlying transaction and evaluating the application. The information/documents required would include, amongst others, details of the fund raising including purpose, application & repayment capability, historical audited accounts, profile of shareholders and shareholding/corporate structure.

For more details, you may contact our Client Coverage Division.

Does a company applying for Danajamin’s Financial Guarantee still require an Advisor to help with the bonds/sukuk issuance?

Yes. Issuers will still require a principal adviser, typically a licensed financial institution on Securities Commission’s approved list, to assist the issuer through the bonds/sukuk issuance process. The principal adviser will make the application(s) to the relevant authorities including the Securities Commission. This is a requirement pursuant to the Capital Market Services Act 2007.

What kind of transactions can Danajamin wrap?

Danajamin can consider wrapping a large majority of typical Private Debt Securities transactions in the market including, for example, corporate or project financing in nature etc.

For more details, kindly contact our Client Coverage Division.

Does Danajamin guarantee loans?

Yes. Danajamin currently provides guarantee for term loan financing.

Does Danajamin charge for the Financial Guarantee/Kafalah Facility that it provides?

Yes. A guarantee fee will be charged for the Financial Guarantee Facility/Kafalah Facility provided.

How are Financial Guarantee fees determined by Danajamin?

The fees charged are risk-based in nature. In other words, fees are determined based on factors such as credit standing, fundraising quantum & structure and security arrangement which will differ from case to case.

Is an issuer rating by RAM or MARC required for an application to Danajamin?

No, an issuer rating is not required when applying to Danajamin. However, for issuers with bonds/sukuk to be credit wrapped by Danajamin, an issuance rating (which differs from an issuer rating) needs to be done as part of the application to the Securities Commission Malaysia. The rating agency would rate such issuance ‘AAA(fg)’, reflecting the enhanced credit rating position post the credit wrap arrangement. The submission to the Securities Commission may be effected post issuer’s acceptance of Danajamin’s Letter of Offer. For more information on the issuance process, please go to Issuance Process page.

How long does a bond/sukuk issuance process take?

Relative to a fundraising via loans, a bonds/sukuk issuance is a lengthier process. The duration would differ from case to case, and factors affecting the timeline include transaction complexity & intricacy, number of parties involved including the number of approvals required, from the regulators or otherwise.

This notwithstanding, the motivation for a bonds/sukuk issuance rests in the attraction that financing cost of funds raised are fixed rate for the entire duration of the bonds/sukuk.