Green Technology Financing Scheme 3.0

Following the announcement by the Government during the Budget 2021 speech on 6 Nov 2020, the Green Technology Financing Scheme 3.0 (GTFS 3.0) has been launched as part of the Government’s agenda to support Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) as well as drive green and sustainable standards in Malaysia. The GTFS 3.0 Scheme now includes supporting the issuance of SRI Sukuk and green bonds.

Image credit: Solarvest
Danajamin will administrate and manage this Scheme which includes processing applications, undertaking credit evaluation, approval and rejection of applications, and post-disbursement monitoring for the entire tenure of guarantee.

Do you require funds for your green project?

Danajamin will provide guarantee coverage for any funding raised via the capital market (Sukuk/bond) or loan financing from financial institutions for any project that qualifies under the GTFS 3.0 program. Evidence of proven business model and technology will be required to ensure that viable projects are funded.

Does the purpose of your funding fall into these categories?


• Renewable energy
• Energy efficiency


• Green building
(refer to Green Building Index)


• Clean transportation

Natural Resources

• Sustainable water & waste water management
• Terrestrial/ aquatic conservation
• Management of living natural resources and land use
• Pollution prevention


• Eco-efficient / Circular economy adapted products
• Climate change adaptation

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