Our Financial Guarantee

At Danajamin, our customers are both the issuer and the investor. Investors are our customers as they are the beneficiaries of our Financial Guarantee.

Key Features of Danajamin’s Financial Guarantee

Our Financial Guarantees are obligations from a AAA-rated government-owned financial institution to investors.

  • Our Financial Guarantees are unconditional and irrevocable.
  • Bonds/sukuk guaranteed by us are accorded a AAA(fg) rating by RAM Rating Services Bhd/Malaysian Rating Corporation Bhd (MARC).
  • We will honour our contractual obligation to make good any claims made, within 10 business days.

As a custodian of public funds, we manage our risks prudently. Guided by sound business principles/practices, we aim to reciprocate investors’ continued trust and confidence in us.

Risk Sharing

We advocate risk sharing with partner banks in our transactions. This allows for wider participation of banks hence making space for maximum private sector involvement, in line with our mandate. Investors can also take comfort in the fact that a transaction has obtained clearance from more than one credit committee.

Risk Management

We are a responsible risk manager regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia, strictly adhering to regulations from all authorities. This includes compliance to concentration limits, whether transactional, group or sectorial in nature, for proper diversification at regulatory determined levels. Our risk management system and framework is robust and conforms to international best practices.