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Danajamin Mighty Run

Danajamin's Autism initiatives are designed to promote awareness for the Autism community by fostering a sense of unity, inclusion, and acceptance within our staff and the broader community.
Subsequent to Danajamin’s pilot charity run "Danajamin Mighty Run” held in 2016, Danajamin Nasional Berhad decided to make a stronger comeback by introducing a bigger and bolder version of Danajamin Mighty Run, which has since become an annual event to empower the autism community.

“Feel the Spectrum” was introduced in 2018 as its theme to provide a better understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder to the masses. Proceeds from the events were contributed to The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM), an NGO that Danajamin has supported since 2013 to facilitate quality-of-life improvement for autistic individuals and their families and loved ones.


Projek pilihan masa lalu dan semasa kami:
8 Disember 2019

Danajamin Mighty Run 2019

24 November 2018

Danajamin Mighty Run 2018

26 Ogos 2017

Danajamin Mighty Run 2017

4 September 2016

Danajamin Mighty7 Run

27 Ogos 2015


27 April 2014

NASOM Autism Walk 2014

28 April 2013

Co-sponsored NASOM Autism Walk 2013

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