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22 June 2015

Reaching Out and Making a Difference With Danajamin100

Five-day of fun learning for thirty (30) Form Five (5) students from secondary schools when they camped together at the ‘Study Excellence Workshop’ at UNITEN, Bangi.

BANGI, SELANGOR – It was a five-day of fun learning for thirty (30) Form Five (5) students from secondary schools when they camped together at the ‘Study Excellence Workshop’ at UNITEN, Bangi. The workshop conducted during the recent school break was the third engagement for the first batch under the Danajamin100 program. This pioneer batch is represented by selected students from secondary schools in Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.

The Danajamin100 is a signature leadership enrichment programme launched by Danajamin Nasional Berhad in 2014. It is a three (3) year programme that focuses on three main elements – character building, leadership and professional skills. The programme represents Danajamin’s firm commitment to create a deep pool of future leaders by providing Form 4 students exposure to a variety of well-designed engagements that will optimize their leadership promise and potential.

The five-day camp is intended to help students to accelerate their preparation for the upcoming SPM examination by providing intensive study skills on core subjects like Bahasa Malaysia, English, Science, History, and Mathematics in a conducive and comfortable learning environment.

Danajamin’s Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Nazri Omar said, “The aspiration behind Danajamin100 programme is to help build a pool of talent that are not only good academically, but also well-equipped with the necessary leadership ingredients that will make them capable leaders in future,”

“This camp aims to provide the students with tools to excel in their studies. They also went through structured activities on essential social skills that will help mould their characters as effective individuals and team-players,” he added. Nazri also shared his personal journey to success with the students during the “Meet the Leader” session. In addition to Nazri’s presence, there were mentors represented by Danajamin employees to engage with the students in discussions and brainstorming sessions during the workshop.

According to Fatin Syuhada, 17, a participant from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Pulau Indah, the camp, highlighted on the importance of applying the right study and revision techniques in preparing for the SPM examination.

“I am glad to be chosen as a Danjamin100 participant. This is a golden opportunity to speak to the CEO of Danajamin and learn from his personal encounters throughout his journey. I feel really motivated to achieve my dreams and I believe that I can do it,” added Fatin.

Another participant from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Pulau Indah, Anis Diyana, 17, said that the workshop has helped to build her confidence in dealing with her challenges and she looks forward to attend more workshops organised for the students in future.

“It is an amazing experience. I feel like I am more prepared to sit for my SPM. The sessions with the mentors have helped to reinforce that everyone is in charge of their own dream, and with the right effort and attitude, we can create our own success,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Danajamin100 programme has inspired thirteen (13) Danajamin employees to volunteer as mentors to the students.

One of the mentors, Nazehan Nasir said ”I am happy to volunteer as a mentor and share my experience with the students. When I finished my studies years ago, I was clueless on what I was supposed to do. I just wish that I had someone like a mentor whom I could speak to and share their life experience with me to help me make better decision on how to succeed.”

Another volunteer, Ain Zubaidah said “I really enjoy the interactions with the students. It allows me to infuse our core values and help others to become better. I find it rewarding especially when they started to respond positively during the Workshop,”

The students under the Danajamin100 programme were selected based on their academic performance, co-curricular activities and leadership qualities. They are from SMK Pulau Indah, SMK Munshi Abdullah Sabak Bernam, SMK Gombak Setia in Selangor and SMK Rendah Agama Repah, Tampin, and SMK Juasseh, in Negri Sembilan.

About Danajamin 100

Danajamin100 is a 3-year Leadership Programme aims to build leaders among PINTAR school students. The programme is open to all Secondary PINTAR schools across Malaysia, and will engage the students from Form 4, right through pre-university. The students were chosen on the basis of their academic performance, co-curricular activities and leadership qualities.

Thirty (30) students would be selected every year, up to a maximum of 90 or 100 in three years.

About Danajamin

Danajamin Nasional Berhad (Danajamin) is Malaysia’s first and only Financial Guarantee Insurer. Established in May 2009, Danajamin’s objective is to ensure that financially viable corporates continue to be able to access the bond market for their long term financing needs and at the same time, be an enabler to further develop the domestic bond and sukuk market.

To date, Danajamin has provided its guarantee for RM7.9 billion bond/sukuk programmes issued by 27 companies across various sectors; and brought about a market impact of RM13.8 billion through its risk sharing collaboration with partner banks.

Danajamin has been accorded the highest rating ‘AAA’ by both RAM Rating Services Berhad (RAM) and Malaysia Rating Corporation Berhad (MARC). It is regulated and supervised by Bank Negara Malaysia under the Financial Services Act 2013. Danajamin is equally owned by Minister of Finance Incorporated and Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad.

Today, Danajamin is well positioned to further enable the development of Malaysia’s capital market. Growing from strength to strength, Danajamin’s total assets and shareholders’ equity stands at RM1.9 billion and RM1.3 billion respectively (as at 31 December 2014).

In a Snapshot

Danajamin’s key objectives are to:

  • Provide financial guarantee to enable financially viable companies access to the PDS market to obtain financing, with emphasis on long-term financing
  • Further enable the development of the domestic PDS market as an alternative source of financing to complement the banking industry
  • Stimulate economic growth by improving access to capital for Malaysian companies

Danajamin aims to:

  • Facilitate a wider range of credit-worthy companies to raise capital via the bond/sukuk market
  • Encourage smaller/non-traditional issuers to raise capital via the bond/sukuk market
  • Provide access to long-term capital for a wider range of companies

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Head, Communications
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Email: norhayati@danajamin.com

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Executive, Communications
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